Selling Brazil property to overseas property buyers a guide

Emerging overseas property markets are often the places in which to make short term capital gains . Sometimes overseas property investors can gain not only on the real estate but also on the strengthening currency of the region. The shrewd overseas property investor can win twice with an early purchase in the right market. Brazil is set to be one such market. Mentions of Brazil may conjure up negative thoughts from potential investors and it is good to know what these are. Overseas property investors may think of politically instability, dangerous drug gangs and high inflation as reasons they would never invest. To sell Brazilian property to overseas investors you will need to inform, reassure and be armed with hard economic facts.

Europe’s overseas property investors have already recognised the benefits of Brazilian property. European overseas property media is full of Brazil property opportunities it’s difficult to pick up an overseas property magazine or newspaper property supplement without concluding that Brazil is the next market. Many overseas property web sites such as now dedicate entire sections to the region.

Brazil is now one of the fastest growing markets Why is this There are many reasons – inflation is now down to manageable levels, Brazil is now politically more stable than ever before and the country’s huge natural resources are fuelling economic growth. Already the 10th largest economy in the world, Brazil is poised to become one of the world’s leading economies and expects to be self-sufficient in oil in the next one or two years.

Brazilian property is inexpensive and easy to buy, freehold is as secure as it is in England and the government is putting a lot of money and effort into tempting overseas investors. Residency is readily available for foreign investors and high interest rates – 15% p.a. or more – can be earned in an ordinary bank account.

Northeastern Brazil the perfect location and climate. Here it is forever summer and unlike some parts of the country, is never too hot, too humid or too cold (don’t forget some parts of Brazil have real winter and other parts are painfully hot and humid in the summer). The people are always welcoming, friendly and cheerful and have the world’s most relaxed lifestyle. The country is incredibly beautiful and Cear? has 500 kilometres of the finest beaches in the world. There are no hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis or volcanoes and whilst Fortaleza may be Brazil’s 5th largest city, it ranks 23rd in crime. Fortaleza is Brazil’s favourite holiday destination and Brazilians from S?o Paulo and Rio de Janeiro flock there in search of perfect weather, beaches and carefree relaxation. The surrounding countryside and villages are peaceful and crime-free. To top it all, you can get international-standard health care for a fraction of the cost at home. The Fortaleza area is one of the world’s top developing property and holiday destinations. Scandinavia and continental Europe have already discovered its wonderful beaches and perfect kite- and wind-surfing areas.

European agents are making money! Dream Properties Brazil Ltd a UK based company for example are building a third development in Cumbuco Brazil as they have rapidly sold the other developments to keen European buyers

The rental potential of these properties is considerable. More and more overseas tourists are discovering this wonderful area and there is a serious lack of rental accommodation. Travel operators in Scandinavia and continental Europe, as well as England, are arranging more and more direct flights to the area. It’s possible to make a quick buck on something cheap and cheerful, because anything will increase in value. However, this route is risky as it often involves dealing direct with a private seller and all the complications of language, unfamiliarity with the law and so on.

Overseas property buyers that are careful to use reputable companies and ensure they choose an independent lawyer with proven Brazilian experience are set to make buying property in Brazil a worthwhile experience.